Awaken Africa was founded by Joel Ramsey and Evan Cockcroft in 2018 and is committed to the restoration and reformation of Africa through the good gospel of Jesus Christ. With a staff now of seven (six of which operate on a volunteer basis) Awaken Africa has grown significantly in its influence and progress of accomplishing its vision. Since starting in March of 2018, over 7,500 people have made a personal decision to make Jesus their Lord and Saviour throughout Africa and other nations of the world. More than 1,500 people have been healed from various ailments (blind eyes, deaf ears, tumours, cancer, wheelchairs, broken bones, metal rods and bolts, back injuries, arthritis, muteness, blood diseases, flus and many more). And, more than 500 people have been liberated from demonic oppression and possession. Awaken Africa has formed strong bonds with a number of local and international churches and other ministry organisations with which they work closely to host their events, missions trips and outreaches. These partnerships also provided a place in which Awaken Africa is able to direct new converts (made by their evangelical efforts) back into the local church to be properly discipled. Awaken Africa is fundamentally different because of its strong decentralised approach to ministry. As much as possible people are equipped, empowered and released to minister the gospel at their events and in their personal lives.

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